Booming Bulls - Course Review

 This is a Review Of the Booming Bulls Course given by one of the buyers of the course

Regarding the course:

As per https://boomingbulls.com/

Booming Bulls Academy is the Best Stock Market Institute that provides you with Best Online Stock Market course in India. It is an initiative for young generation who are keen in making more, Willing to step forward and want to be free from financial situations.


Summarizing it in shrt they provide a course for newbie traders to learn trading


Now going to the deep review


1.  This course has nothing special for Experienced Traders .

2. 98% of the content can be found on the internet you just need to http://giybf.com/

3. For newbies "How to make journals" in chapter 2 is new thing & surely going to help you.

4.  His explanation of volume reading is worth as in 5 min and in 4 point you got the logic.

5. The given strategies in the course are only good for newbies

Rest If we can just search on google we can find everything rather then spending 23k INR on it

Note: You can still buy it might help you with topics or terms youve been confused or stuck in. And the review is what the person thinks and what are his sole opinions on this course.

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  1. 100% Scam.
    This is proof

    If you do not want to click on the link you can youtube

    #FakePnLExpose Reply To Tummala Dhanush || Booming Bulls || Anish Singh Thakur Scam in India Exposed

    It has all the proof. Also if you have any contact in SEBI please let them know this

  2. He is scammer, I have also taken his course. Worst course and very rude tutor. Complete different personality from Youtube and Piad course