Urban Forex MPA 1.0, MPA 2.0 & 4 Course Bundle - Review

Urban Forex MPA 1.0, MPA 2.0 & 4 Course Bundle

 This is a Review by one of the buers of the courses:


Now generally I prefer trading books to courses, because most of the courses that I have gone through don't give you the answer to "WHY", rather they just give a part of the picture. But Naveen Prithyani is a mentor/trainer/educator who teaches you to fish rather than sell you the fish. I accidentally came across his buyer & seller video on youtube and got hooked by the simple way he teaches price movements.
Sure enough when I searched, i got good reviews from senior FTU members who had posted comments in the group before.  So I went through Mastering Price Action 2.0 first (because its the latest duh). Well let me tell you the concepts that he teaches is nothing that I have come across. The man barely draws any S&R lines through the whole course (his logic, we are not in kindergarten). In each of the short videos he introduces topics like buyers & sellers, momentum, rubber band man, correlation, timing, true support & resistance, money spot ($$) etc and will only explain them on charts through simple stories. All his concepts are geared towards identifying and positioning ourselves with the "Big Guy" who moves the market. You just sit there and have multiple "AHA" moments as he unravels the stories behind each bar movement.

Now after going through MPA 2.0, I was intrigued and confused at the same time, because I did not have access to the live examples that he gives to his legitimate students. But luckily I decided to go through MPA 1.0 and it is way more detailed than  ver 2.0. Each theory/ concepts are well explained through multiple examples. Plus it has exclusive MPA webinars which further clear the doubts.

Next onto 4 Course Bundle which builds on MPA concepts. If you want you can skip the correlation part because it mainly deals with forex pairs. But the rest of the topics like Demand & Supply (Naveen's way), timing, road map further enforce the concepts of MPA. Now you maybe sceptical at 1st as he only teaches on forex charts, but as long as we are trading in a market that deals with human emotions at the backdrop, his principles apply universally. He wants you to ignore chart patterns & instead focus on the psychology of the traders behind those patterns.

In short, I am really glad I came across this course. Further resources to explore from Urban Forex include Elite Core Advance, Mastering Trading Volume, Iconic Trader Program.

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