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 This is a Review Of Abhishek Kar Mentorship given by one of the buyers of the course

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Website: https://www.abhishekkar.in/

Review By one of the members:

This mentorship is of 2019 as far as I know, the mentorship is around of 4hrs and 30 minutes roughly The mentorship is about  Swing trading.

In the beginning of the first hour he tells us about the common mistakes which a trader should avoid as well as stories of Ace investors like Rakesh jhunhwala, Radhakrishnan Damani, Warren Buffet the first hour is full of story telling. He teaches us what to do, what not to do as well as how retailers think etc. The first hour of the session is of story telling.

In the second and third hour of the webinar he teaches us  How retailers get trapped in the market, why retailers shouldn't buy any stock just because it's present in the ace investors portfolio, He also teaches how can we spot stocks which are going to fell heavily like Pc jewellers, Yes Bank, Jet airways.

The most important thing he uses to spot stocks which are going to fell heavily in future is 40 DMA he says that once the stock goes below 40 DMA it have very high chance of falling down. He backtested it and showed us on stocks like Pc jewellers, Anil Ambanis companies and Yes Bank, Jet Airways and some companies which felt very heavily from their tops. He told that whenever the stocks closes below 40DMA we shouldn't only look for shorting opportunities and Avoid buying. And he also teaches us about how can we manage our money and  how much we should risk daily and we stocks we should avoid etc. And also he put a little light on the topic of INDIA VIX and how can we Use it to guess the director of the Nifty. That's mainly all he teaches in the 2&3 hours of mentorship.

And in the last hour of the mentorship he teaches one swing trading statergy and also take quiz on the statergy by using it on various chart. The main swing trading statergy he teaches Is based on three indicator i.e DMA, RSI and ADX and he shows that whenever the stocks is above 40DMA and RSI is above 50 and ADX is above 25 then we should go for BUY and vice versa for sell side.

And in the last half an hour of the mentorship he told the students to choose any stocks and then he does the backtest on that particular stock.  

Recommended only for beginners as well as People who wanted to learn 1 swing trading statergy with backtested results.

Thank you!

Note: You can still buy it might help you with topics or terms you've been confused or stuck in. And the review is what the person thinks and what are his sole opinions on this course. We don't Intend to defame any person/entity so if you wana get this removed just put down a comment below!

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